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Getting it all together christopher kilkus photography

I’m a bit embarassed to admit that I have never really done any promotion to speak of.  I think the last time I did a promo mailer was about three years ago, just simple postcard.  And worse, I haven’t even really had a printed portfolio for the last year and a half!  I’ve been extremely […]

Equipment by chris kilkus

I am frequently asked what lgihting, grip and camera equipment I use, so I thought I would share about this.  You might be surprised to learn what my preferences are! I am very far from being an equipment geek.  If something is inexpensive but does a good job, I’ll use that over an item that […]

Chris Kilkus Featured on the Hungry Ones

  I was featured a while back on a food blog called The Hungry Ones.  It’s a blog that interviews creative and business types, from photographers like me to comedians to web developers and more, on the foods they like to eat…. or, as the blog says: The Hungry Ones is a collection of interviews with […]

Use Chris Kilkus Photographs as Wrapping Paper!

I was surfing through some fashion blogs and stumbled on this posting from Fashion Blog Mexico.  They show how to use pages from a magazine for wrapping paper, and happen to be using a magazine I shot for Forever 21 in their example.  Too funny!  I don’t know if I should be flattered or insulted! […]

Online Only Fashion Magazines by Chris Kilkus

The first online fashion magazine I came across was Hint Magazine way back in 1999….. it was a completely new field then and even some of the biggest printed fashion magazines didn’t even have a real website yet.  In the years since both online fashion magazines as well as fashion blogs have grown both in […]

Creative Director Tries To Bully Photographers Into Not Emailing Him – Post from APhototEditor

Below is an interesting developement in the Email promo debate, read about it on I have never been a big fan of doing email blasts through services such as AdBase or Agency Access, but I know it still has it’s place in the business.  It just seems really impersonal to me, and creatives are […]

Be Back Soon!

I’ve had an incredible run of good luck and been booked almost every single day since the beginning of January…. Thank you photography gods! Needless to say it’s been tough to keep up with the blog posts. But I’ll have some good ones coming up soon, so please stay tuned. Thanks!

Victoria’s Secret Holiday Commercial

This is Victoria’s Secret holiday commercial shot by Michael Bay. It’s what you would expect a Michael Bay lingerie commercial to look like… high production values, glitzy, over the top. Most everything I have done so far with motion has been on a REALLY tight budget, so it’s interesting to see what a director would […]

Another nice blog post from John Hildebrand Photography

Just came across this blog post about me by the photographer John Hildebrand from Malibu, California.  Thanks John!  Very nice of you to say. Check out his work at He has a really nice beachy vibe to his work that I love, and he does quite a mix from fashion to architecture and landscapes. […]

Nice Blog Post by

I just came across this post about me on the blog of Angel Acevedo, an art director in Miami.   Check it out at And check out his portfolio too, very nice stuff. He called me “the mysterious photographer that has single-handedly branded that Heritage 1981 style”.  That is very flattering!  But it also drives home […]