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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Heritage 1981 Fashion Campaign

Here is our latest campaign for Heritage 1981 that goes along with the little film I uploaded to the blog a couple weeks back.  We shot at the pool of the Pink Motel in Sun Valley, Califoria.  A great location, and we were blessed with lovely weather.  It was a big project since we divided […]

Lyndsy Fonseca for Maxim Magazine

I just got the latest issue of Maxim Magazine in the mail with my photo shoot of Lyndsy Fonseca in it.  Those of you who know me know I don’t pay much attention to celebrity stuff, so I wasn’t super familiar with Lyndsy’s work.  I read she had done tons of TV shows like How […]

Forever 21 Magazine Outtakes

I just had a chance to look at some of the images that didn’t make it into the Forever 21 Magazine, thought I would share them with you.  Plus here are a couple images that made it into the magazine, but that we retouched slightly differently for our own use.

Teen Magazine

I was archiving some of my old shoots and came across this one I did around a year ago for Teen Magazine.  It was just before they folded so the shoot never got published, and I had actually forgotten all about it. Bummer, we made some nice images that day, but sometimes it just works […]

Daniela Ruah for Maxim Magazine

Here are some images from my shoot with Daniela Ruah for Maxim Magazine out on news stands now.  She stars in NCIS: Los Angeles and will be in the upcoming George Lucas movie Red Tails.

My pictures at the Forever 21 Store in Japan

A while back I posted a shot of the Forever 21 store in Japan with my pictures on billboards out front.  It was just a snapshot from a cell phone so the quality wasn’t that great.  Nazanin Alvarez, a Creative Director and architectural photographer at Forever 21, was nice enough to give me one of […]

Forever 21 Intimates Campaign

Forever 21 Magazine

This is the first issue of the Forever 21 Magazine we shot a while back.  We shot the entire magazine, cover to cover, in the course of about three days.

Forever 21 Campaign… in the rain!

I mentioned recently how cold and rainy the weather has been… in the last couple months I’ve probably had to do more shoots in the rain than I’ve had to do in my entire career before that!  Well here is another one, a campaign we shot for Forever 21 a few weeks ago. It was raining […]

Forever 21 Fashion Shoot in Studio