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Use Chris Kilkus Photographs as Wrapping Paper!

I was surfing through some fashion blogs and stumbled on this posting from Fashion Blog Mexico.  They show how to use pages from a magazine for wrapping paper, and happen to be using a magazine I shot for Forever 21 in their example.  Too funny!  I don’t know if I should be flattered or insulted! […]

A Few Favorite Fashion Magazine Covers of 2012 by Chris Kilkus

As the new year approaches it’s fun to look back on the world of fashion photography from 2012.  With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite fashion magazine covers from 2012.  What are your favorites??   Love Magazine Special Edition F/W 2012 Covers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott – Photographers | Katie Grand – Fashion […]

Online Only Fashion Magazines by Chris Kilkus

The first online fashion magazine I came across was Hint Magazine way back in 1999….. it was a completely new field then and even some of the biggest printed fashion magazines didn’t even have a real website yet.  In the years since both online fashion magazines as well as fashion blogs have grown both in […]

I want to see this movie – christopher kilkus fashion photography

Considering the crush of must-see movies that fill theaters every December, it can be hard to think past the awards season to the movies Hollywood will produce in the months that follow—but movies there will be, and we’re already jazzed for plenty of them. There’s history, action, toys coming to life, TV shows and hit […]

Forever 21 Japan

The crew from Forever 21 just came back from a trip to Japan to design the windows of their new store.  They took this snapshot of the front of the building with a couple billboard size images from a shoot I did with them.  It’s always fun to see my pictures blown up this big! […]

Heritage 1981 Website

Speaking of Heritage 1981, they have a cool section to their e commerce site called On Location, which features images from their most recent photo shoot.  The shoot I did from the previous post is up there right now.  I’ll be shooting with Heritage about once a month for at least the next year, so […]

Derringer Cycles

Okay, this has nothing to do with fashion photography, but it’s really cool!  As some of you may know, when I was younger I raced bicycles professionally and am still an enthusiast of all things on two wheels.  That is why I love these Derringer Cycles. They are retro styled motorcycle / bicycle hybrids, basically […]

The 70’s are still cool

This is what makes a great shoot location, someplace with a specific point of view….. for some shoots it would just look silly, but for others it would be perfect and enhance the entire vibe. Anyway, I don’t think I would want to live here, but I sure would want to shoot here!   From […]

Ambush Studio, Guatemala

  Check out my best friend’s website! Juan Brenner moved to New York City from Guatemala just a little after I did to pursue a career in fashion photography.  He began shooting frequently for a cool little magazine from Guatemala called TAXI. Since it was a small magazine, he had a lot of influence […]

A little about photography websites

You may have found my blog via my new website, but if not visit it at  After 8 years of making my own very basic HTML website I finally decided to let the pros do it….. after all, I didn’t get into photography to become a web designer!   I signed up with, […]