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Just for fun, another recent portfolio shoot – christopher kilkus chris kilkus fashion photographer that works in santa monica

Went out and did another little shoot for my portfolio recently… again going for the retro California sunshine look, this time with 1973 Corvette added for a little more flavor.                        

Can’t beat the California Sunshine! A recent shoot for the portfolio…

I had a couple free days recently and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful California sunshine to do a shoot for my portfolio.  We met up in Santa Monica to prep and from there spent the afternoon driving around in the hills above Malibu taking photos.  I was going for that backlit sun […]

A Recent Test in the Studio by chris kilkus

A little while back I had a studio shoot at 5th & Sunset Studios with a celebrity for a popular magazine. You just never know what you’re gonna get on celebrity shoots… sometimes it’s an all around lovely experience….. and other times it’s….. well, let’s just say it can be a challenge. After it was […]

A Recent Shoot by christopher kilkus

Here are some still pics from a recent motion shoot I did. It’s going to take a little while longer to finish editing the video but thought I would post these stills in the meantime. Enjoy 🙂                                       […]

Happy Fourth of July!! by christopher kilkus

Here is a test I did last week, a little fun before the 4th of July weekend!                               Alyssa Pizer Management

A Recent Shoot on the Beach by christopher kilkus

New Work

New Work

More New Work

This is from a recent test….. just wanted to have a little fun in the studio 🙂

New Work

Here is a little test I shot. I want that motorcycle! 🙂