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NEXT Swimwear Campaign by christopher kilkus

        We’ve had one hell of a cold, long winter this year here in North America. On top of that, I live in Houston, Texas, so this business of freezing rain in March can go die in a fire already. I enjoyed shooting moody styles outside during this extended drabness in recent months, if […]

Scott Chrisman films Chris Kilkus Wet Seal shoot

My friend Scott Chrisman, a talented Director of Photography here in Los Angeles, shot a really nice behind the scenes video of a recent shoot I did with Wet Seal, check it out below.

Swimwear in the Studio

Here is a recent swimwear look book we shot in studio for Forever 21.  Also below you can see the image we delivered to Forever 21 with the orange cutout props provided by the client, and how the graphic designers changed them in post.