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Love 21 Contemporary by Forever 21

Forever 21 Campaign

Forever 21

Forever 21 Magazine, Posters, and Web

It’s that time of year again, where things slow down a little and I can catch up on getting some of my previous jobs into my portfolio. Here is a rather big job we did for Forever 21. It was a 2 day shoot in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice Beach capturing images for their […]

Forever 21 Fashion Shoot

Here is a campaign we did for Forever 21 in the studio.  They asked for a different lighting look than we normally do to set this campaign apart slightly.  We settled on this backlit lighting scheme that gives us a really bright high key look overall, with lot’s of softness from the flared lights.  It’s […]

Forever 21 Campaign in Malibu

Here is another campaign we did recently for Forever 21.  We shot at an old ranch in Malibu that was owned by a retired LAPD policeman.  He was a big collector of western memorabilia, and after his retirement started a business providing props for films.  It was quite fun touring around the property and seeing […]

Heritage 1981 Fashion Campaign

Here is our latest campaign for Heritage 1981 that goes along with the little film I uploaded to the blog a couple weeks back.  We shot at the pool of the Pink Motel in Sun Valley, Califoria.  A great location, and we were blessed with lovely weather.  It was a big project since we divided […]

Forever 21 Magazine Outtakes

I just had a chance to look at some of the images that didn’t make it into the Forever 21 Magazine, thought I would share them with you.  Plus here are a couple images that made it into the magazine, but that we retouched slightly differently for our own use.

My pictures at the Forever 21 Store in Japan

A while back I posted a shot of the Forever 21 store in Japan with my pictures on billboards out front.  It was just a snapshot from a cell phone so the quality wasn’t that great.  Nazanin Alvarez, a Creative Director and architectural photographer at Forever 21, was nice enough to give me one of […]

Forever 21 Intimates Campaign