Victoria’s Secret Holiday Commercial

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This is Victoria’s Secret holiday commercial shot by Michael Bay. It’s what you would expect a Michael Bay lingerie commercial to look like… high production values, glitzy, over the top.

Most everything I have done so far with motion has been on a REALLY tight budget, so it’s interesting to see what a director would do with an unlimited budget. What would you guess this commercial cost all in? I would say around 2 million.

Budget constraints definitely have an effect on what can be done on a still shoot, but it’s amplified massively on a motion shoot. Some things in motion just cost a LOT of money, and there is no way around it. One thing that still photographers forget going into a motion shoot is just how much time, expertise, and MONEY needs to be devoted to the post production. A one day motion shoot can be a 1 month post production process with a lot of different expert services involved. Organization of the files, editing, special effects, color timing and even exporting the final files all can require various experts. The post budgets can sometimes exceed even the shooting budget!

I can’t wait until I get a $2,000,000 budget for a motion shoot!

Behind the Scenes:

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Written by Christopher Kilkus

December 2nd, 2010 at 8:36 am

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