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Last week I shot a campaign for a major retailer in Los Angeles, thought I would give you a little sneak peek and some background.

We were going for a back lit, natural flared light look with a bit of a dreamy feel.  We shot at a horse ranch in the mountains above Malibu that gave us a nice woodsy look.  We had a LOT of shots to do, and a short day to work with…. so we had to be quick and effecient.  We went for a 7 AM call time and sunset was at 4PM since we were in a bit of a valley.  Also, for the first half of the day it was overcast, so I had to create that backlit, flared sunlight look from scratch.

My hope was to use mostly daylight reflected with a 4×8 foamcore, 4×8 silver foam core, or a 6×6 scrim jim.  Just depended on the light conditions as to which reflector I would use.  For situations that required artificial light, I had a Hensel Porty battery strobe to use as a back light and rim light when we were far from power, and three Profoto strobes for when we could run an extension cord to the house.  I used a homemade diffusion filter on the lens of the camera to accentuate the back lighting.

We also shot tethered to a laptop, which can present unique challenges when on location. I developed a really cool set up that is completely self contained and can run without power for 16 hours, which I’ll go over in greater detail in a future blog post. But here are some pictures of it to whet your appetite.  Notice the tether cable coming off the laptop’s right side.


Interesting side note, the ranch is owned by Suze Randall, a famous erotic photographer who was staff photographer for Playboy and then Hustler in the 1970’s.  She also has a beautiful daylight studio built on her ranch, a perfect place for a shoot with a Malibu based celebrity. Fingers crossed I can use it sometime.

Anyway, hope you like the results of the shoot.  Once I have finished the retouching I’ll be adding a selection of the shots to my portfolio website as well.  Check back in at

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Written by Christopher Kilkus

March 9th, 2009 at 4:58 pm

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  1. wicked rad post of cool info and even cooler images.


    9 Mar 09 at 7:28 pm

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