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I got to work with a celebrity yesterday… Georgia the cow. ¬†You may recognize her as the Happy Cow from the Real California Milk ad campaign. ¬†She was a total pro on set, always hitting her mark and posing like a champ.

Besides Georgia, we also shot with Cagney, the pig, and several unnamed chickens.  I have shot with animals before, but never in a studio, so it was a lot of fun and an interesting experience.  The animals were professional actors (even the chickens!) so they were all great on set, even better than some fashion models I have worked with!

This is a pic of my crew, from left; Jules Bates, Georgia (the cow), Andres Razo, Marco Sanchez, Derek Wood, and Brian O’Hara.

We only found out the afternoon before that we would need to put together a barn set for this shoot, something that would usually take a lot of planning.  And since we were already on a job at the time, it was even more challenging to get it done.  But these guys are great and after a lot of hard work and heavy lifting, they did a beautiful job!

Look for the final images to hit my site in the next four weeks or so.

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Written by Christopher Kilkus

June 26th, 2009 at 7:18 am

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